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The following is from Msgr. John Moretta, Pastor of the Church of the Resurrection:

 Dear Friends,

     You are one of the people that have offered help in restoring our church.  On behalf of the family of Resurrection Parish, I want to sincerely thank you for your support.  Your donation of $50,000 is more than money.  It is a form of solidarity with a parish that was hurt.  With your help, we are back and more beautiful than ever.  If you look at the collage of pictures below, the first picture is the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe that you see facing down to the concrete flower bed.  When the firefighters lifted her up, nothing had been broken, although the concrete was damaged.  Neither has our spirit been damaged.  Your support has been a big blessing to us.  We hope to be back in the church in perhaps two months. 

Thank you

Monsignor John Moretta, Pastor
Fr. Parker Sandoval, Associate Pastor




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We are called to serve Him
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We come together to pray,
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                                                                                                 -Mission Statement


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