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Dear friends:

With a sister and three brothers I know sibling rivalry!
Jesus knew it too – he didn’t have a sibling, but he was caught in the rivalry between Martha and Mary.  Martha whines to Jesus that Mary is not helping with the meal preparation.  Sounds familiar to you who have siblings?
Listen to the reply Jesus gave her.  “Martha, Martha, you are anxious and worried about many things.  There is need of only one thing.” 

Today, these are great words for us - in our world that has gone mad.
Again and again, horrible shootings, killings and violence are the lead stories in the television news.  And it’s not just in far away lands by people we struggle to understand.  It’s happening right here in our own country by our own countrymen with motives and reasons that are shocking and incomprehensible to us.

Like Martha, we are anxious and worried.  Jesus reminded Martha:  “Mary had chosen the better part.”  What had Mary been doing?  She was sitting beside the Lord, at his feet, listening to him.
That’s what we do too.  We sit and listen.  The instructions on the order of the Mass call for a quiet moment after Communion.  I love that moment in church, hundreds of us, quiet, no singing, conscious of the Lord’s presence in the Eucharist inside of us.  It is an intense moment when God is with his people and we are listening.

There are many other moments too when we sit at the feet of Jesus and listen.  It happens each time we pray or just turn our minds to Him.  In our world with so much anxiety and worry, we need those moments.  May you be blessed with an abundance of those moments and may they bring you comfort and peace.

Fr. McNamara


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Prayer For Priestly Vocations
Prayed at the Ordination of
Fr. Eben McDonald and Fr. Nabor Rios
on June 3, 2012

Father, in every generation you provide ministers of Christ and the Church. We come before you now, asking that you call forth more men to serve our Archdiocese in the ministerial priesthood.
Give us priests who will lead and guide your holy people gathered by Word and Sacrament. Bless us with priestly vocations so that we can continue to be a truly Eucharistic Church, strengthened in our discipleship of Jesus Christ, your Only Son.
Raise up, we pray, men who are generous in their service, willing to offer their lives and all their gifts for your greater glory and for the good of your people.
We make our prayer in the presence and power of the Holy Spirit, through Christ, Our Lord.



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