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Dear Friends,

     He wasn’t with us last Sunday but here he is today - that iconic, dramatic, larger than life Advent figure, the one whose clothing was made out of camel hair, the one who lived on locusts and wild honey, yes – John the Baptist!

     As a child I remember some priests with booming voices and red faces loudly condemning sinners and calling for repentance.  I wonder if they modeled themselves after John the Baptist because I have the impression  he may have been like that.

      “Prepare the way of the Lord” he said, as he picked on the Pharisees and Sadducees.  He told them to produce good fruit as evidence of their repentance.  He added that any tree that does not bear good fruit will be cut down.

      John is telling us to pretend we are a tree!  Then look at the kind of fruit we are producing!  At moments like this I find it much easier to look at others and see the bad fruit they are producing!  Is that an avoidance technique so I don’t have to look at myself?  Let’s look deep within ourselves today and forget about others for the moment.  What kind of fruit are we producing?  Is it good?  Or is it rotten?  That’s the challenge of the voice of one crying out in the desert.  If we answer that challenge we will have a great Christmas.

      Another way to have a great Christmas is to make peace with the Lord.  Our Christmas Penance Service will be Wednesday, December 14 at 7:30 PM.  My hope to have six priests and it is the best opportunity to make a good Christmas confession.  Hoping to see you there, have a blessed Advent.

God bless you all,

Father McNamara




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