"I long to depart this life and be with Christ, for that is far better." Philippians 1:23

Our deepest sympathy is with you if you have just lost a loved one.

We will do our utmost to work with you in planning a funeral service that will be as comforting and healing as possible.

The typical funeral has four parts:

Usually, around 7pm in the Church, or the Funeral Home, a Vigil service will include Scripture readings, a homily and family and friends testimonies. This replaces the Rosary, although one can be included at that time if requested. The decision would depend on the percentage of Catholics attending.

Typically around 10am, family involvement is encouraged in the readings, gifts (bread and wine) procession, etc... One eulogy at the Mass (up to 5 min.) seems to work best. We supply a book for the family from which readings and prayers are chosen for the liturgies. A member of our Bereavement Ministry is available to help your family in your choices and planning. Singers and organists are available for $150 each.

This service includes the blessing of the grave, prayers for the deceased and mourners. It is typically about 5-10 minutes. If the deceased was in the service, the flag is presented at this time (military honors are arranged through the mortuary).

If it is available, you may use the Parish Hall for a reception. Our Martha and Mary Ministry members will help with food.

A donation to the Church for the use of the space is customary. The current donation is set at $300. The mortuary may have this item already in the planning guide. If there is a hardship with this amount, please speak with the bereavement minister about it.

Please contact the Parish Office at (818) 888-8200.


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