~ Prayer of Preparation ~
Lord, invest me with your power as I prepare to proclaim the Marvel of your Message.  As I prepare my readings may I take with me the meaning of what I am about to read; help me, I ask, to read not just with my lips but with my whole heart and soul.  Lord, make me a hollow reed so that Your Voice will be heard by all who will hear me.  Free me of excessive concern over my performance, over the impression I create in this Sacred Action.  Convert my feelings of nervousness; turn all my apprehensions into an energy for proclaiming Your Word with power and authority.  May Your Spirit fill me as it fills the holy words that I am about to proclaim.  AMEN.


To become a parish Lector, please contact Enid Turner 818-389-2144.

The Schedule of Lectors can be found under SCHEDULES.




    The Theology and Spirituality of the Lector - June 2011 by Parker Sandoval




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